Empowering Veterans to Unleash Innovation and Transform Markets via Entrepreneurship and Technology

As a 501c3 non-profit incorporated to assist veterans re-assimilating into the modern workforce, VETSI, Inc, was officially filed in cooperation with academics and executives on a weekend afternoon after guest-paneling for a virtual-lecture on “FinTech” hosted by The George Washington University.

This initiative attempts to facilitate the defining, refining, developing, branding, funding and advertisement of new technology-centric, veteran entrepreneurial ventures. With this type of assistance, we’ve determined that there will be an increase in the quantity of veteran owned startup companies receiving first round funding. This program is tentatively called TechVetpreneurship (henceforth referred to as V2I) targeting veteran entrepreneurs (henceforth referred to as VE).

The purpose of this initiative is multifold and fosters existing effective collaborations:


To establish a National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Initiative (NIE2I perhaps like NNI) to foster University-Industry partnerships for the creation of spin-offs with Public Private Partnerships (PPP) support and based on technologies – in particular dual use ones – developed as part of the terminal degree thesis research of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) graduates from other countries especially BRICS but also ROW.


To provide as many and as good as possible ways, means and incentives to these graduates to establish co-created and co-located businesses in the US (around the universities and within the National Innovation Ecosystem but also as linkages via their presence in the countries of origin of the founding researcher/entrepreneurs with other markets, societies and ecosystems).


To test, validate and fine tune this concept with select pilots.  In this manner to retain as much high quality human and intellectual capital in the US and also capture market, network and knowledge spill-over benefits as best as possible as well as engender conditions for follow up future generations of spin-offs and leverage those to trigger, catalyze and even accelerate entrepreneurial growth in other markets as well as minds re-engineering in said places towards more open and free markets and societies