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Ideas alone are useless.

To facilitate not only the re-integration of the veterans, but also provide transformational opportunitiesĀ for highly successful careers, and ultimately, inspiring professionals. In fact, this could serve in the long run to become a strong attractor for high-promise individuals into and not away from the Armed Forces as it would be part of the overall recruitment-package.

Establish a global network of stakeholders including members of armed forces and veterans from allied nations (NATO, ASEAN, etc) as well as government, university, industry and civil society entities from abroad that would have aligned interests and priorities to enrich and enhance collaborations whereby linking local university ecosystems with regional and global knowledge-grids.

Our critical-path to empowering veterans.

The VETSI, INC 501c3 runway referenced from the corporate pitch-deck.

  1. Establish public-private risk capital funds affiliated with the respective universities nationally and globally.

  2. Execute this in a multi-layered, multi-phase pilot to prototype to scale-up in a manner that would allow for risk mitigation and learning via benefits. In addition, this would facilitate knowledge, network, and market spillovers.

  3. Establish a five, ten and twenty-year time-horizons including semi-annual key milestones.