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Democracy and the Environment are Endangered Species: RiConfiguring Today for a Better Tomorrow – Theories, Policies, Practices and Politics for Smart Growth

“We need to carefully look at both the extreme left and extreme right to understand their methods. We should not shy away from mimicking these methods as long as we do it to defend democracy and the planet we inhabit.” Elias Carayannis is the father of the concept of quadruple helix and the need to […]

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Dystechnia- A Model of Technology Deficiency and Implications for Entrepreneurial Opportunity by Dr. Elias Carayannis

Disconnects among system components preempt technology adoption by the diminution or absence of potential user’s perceptions, a state of second-order ignorance (ignorance of ignorance). The condition of flawed or failed efficacy in the use, deployment, or logistics of technology is, as we term, dystechnia. Dystechnia is ubiquitous, and its origin in second-order ignorance implies entrepreneurial […]

Dr. Elias Carayannis on Innovation in Europe and the United States of America, Higher School of Economics | Moscow, Russia | April 2015

Offline with Dr. Elias G. Carayannis, The George Washington University